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Spa & treatments

Wellness has its address on the Côte d'Azur.

The art of wellness

The Confidentiel Hotel Spa is a unique space to relax, forget everyday life in a bubble of well-being. The SPA is private, only by reservation and at an additional cost. You enjoy this atmosphere, alone or as a couple, for a period of 45 minutes, enough to forget everyday life.

Wellness area, has :
- A sauna (75°c)
- a hot tub (37°c)
- indoor swimming pool (31°c)

The space is cleaned and disinfected between each client. We advise you to book it in advance because it is very popular on weekends.

SPA available only for hotel guests.
Price of €30 per person for 45 minutes.

Take care of yourself...

To perfect this moment, we offer treatments and massages, in your room, alone or in pairs, for a moment of pure happiness.

One hour treatment (145 €) for 1 person :

Extremity massage : 
very relaxing head, hand and foot massage with creams and aromatherapy.

Thai foot reflexology : 
deep massage of the feet and lower legs. Stimulation and balancing of the energy of the organs and the body in general.

Plumping and lifting facial treatment (Kobido) : 
remodeling and relaxing massage of the neckline, neck, face and skull. Thanks to various techniques, it helps erase fatigue and the marks of time... and intensely relaxes! It is a refined ritual. Floral waters, jade roller, rose quartz guasha and shiatsu maneuvers pleasantly complete this moment.

Californian massage:
Very gentle and enveloping massage with the scents of Grasse , ideal for indulging in deep relaxation.

Swedish/Deep tissue massage:
massage that aims to relax by depth all the muscles of the body. Perfect in case of muscle tension and for athletes before and after the session.

Draining and remodeling massage:
the ally of your legs and your figure! Exit excess water, cellulite is reduced. Beyond aesthetics, your body regains general well-being because the entire lymphatic system is revived.

Pre-natal massage:
specific massage for pregnant women: it relaxes the back, softens the pelvis, maintains good circulation, lightens the legs, and strengthens the bond with the baby.

Balinese Ritual:
Combining relaxation and tonicity, it brings a perfect harmony between the body and the spirit thanks to maneuvers resulting from Chinese, Ayurvedic and Thai massages. The body is massaged with frangipani oil, the emblematic flower of Bali.

Practical information

Open every day
From 9:00 am to 11:00pm, private, on reservation
€30 per person for 45 minutes
By reservation only, supplement of €145 for 1 hour


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